• 40% of Liberty State Park is contaminated. It’s no coincidence this toxic land sits right next to minority neighborhoods in Ward F.
  • There’s been no community representation on any of the committees that have made decisions about LSP. The minority residents of Jersey City are totally excluded!
  • The original 1977 Master Plan, which called for basketball courts, ball fields, an amphitheater and more, has been almost completely ignored, a betrayal of the Wards A and F communities!
  • A transportation system for the park never happened, making it harder for minority communities to get to LSP.

Why are leaders settling for a solution that doesn’t address all the problems? Why are we allowing one person’s plan, the Liberty State Park Protection (Deception) Act, to supersede the wishes of the community? Why have Jersey City’s communities of color not been brought into the decision-making process? Why were the ballfields, basketball courts and other amenities that were promised in the Master Plan never built? These questions and more must be answered before any final decisions are made about the future of OUR park.

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A Vision For Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park should be about more than broken promises, failing infrastructure and ignored ideas. We have a vision to make the Park better and more enjoyable for all. One that fully cleans up contaminated areas, creates ballfields, basketball courts and other recreational facilities, all right across the street from Liberty Science Center.

What The Park Is Now

What The Park Could Be

Unleash the Promise of Liberty State Park

Since 1977, Jersey City families have waited for the promise of Liberty State Park to become a reality. Now is the time to fulfill that promise. New Jersey elected officials are taking the next step toward giving our Jersey City community the park it deserves and needs.

A new bill was recently introduced to the state’s legislature, the Liberty State Park Conservation, Recreation, and Community Inclusion Act (S.2807).

This bill will:

  • Address the need for environmental clean-up and improvements throughout the park;
  • Give all community members a voice in the future of LSP;
  • Provide ample recreation and sports facilities for the entire community;
  • Create wildlife and habitat management to protect native species and migratory birds;
  • Create cultural and business opportunities to enrich the community;
  • Providing local transportation to improve access to LSP; and
  • Developing resiliency from future flooding and sea level rise.

We urge you to continue making your voice heard and establishing Liberty State Park as the center of activity, community, and opportunity Jersey City was promised decades ago.

By telling your legislators to vote YES on the Liberty State Park Conservation, Recreation, and Community Inclusion Act (S.2807) you’re asking them to say yes to a safe, clean, and accessible park that includes and empowers the Jersey City community. The Jersey City community deserves no less.

Please click the take action button to email your legislators and help us unleash the promise of a better Liberty State Park for all: Tell them to vote “Yes” on S2807 to make Liberty State Park the park the community needs and deserves.

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