• 40% of Liberty State Park is contaminated. It’s no coincidence this toxic land sits right next to minority neighborhoods in Ward F.
  • There’s been no community representation on any of the committees that have made decisions about LSP. The minority residents of Jersey City were totally excluded!
  • The original 1977 Master Plan, which called for basketball courts, ball fields, an amphitheater and more, has been almost completely ignored, a betrayal of Wards A and F communities!
  • A transportation system for the park never happened, making it harder for minority communities to get to LSP.

Why is the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection proposing yet another plan that will not fully clean-up the Park? Why are they using a lower standard of clean-up that would never, ever be used in predominately white communities? Why have Jersey City’s communities of color not been brought into the decision-making process? Why were the ballfields, basketball courts and other amenities that were promised in the Master Plan never built? Do Black Lives matter when it comes to Liberty State Park? These questions and more must be answered before any final decisions are made about the future of OUR park.


A Vision For Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park should be about more than broken promises, failing infrastructure and ignored ideas. We have a vision to make the Park better and more enjoyable for all. One that fully cleans up contaminated areas, creates ballfields, basketball courts and other recreational facilities, all right across the street from Liberty Science Center.

What The Park Is Now

What The Park Could Be

Tell the DEP: We demand a full clean-up of Liberty State Park!

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced a plan to clean up Liberty State Park (LSP). This preliminary plan is in the early phase and as part of their process, DEP is asking for feedback from the local community on what you want at LSP.

For over 40 years, Jersey City’s communities of color have been ignored on LSP. No more! It is time we demand that the State conduct a full clean-up of the Park – at least 40% of which is polluted – and provide a plan for the kinds of active recreation that were promised years ago but have been missing since the Park was first created. Time to hold our government accountable and have them do right by communities of color on Liberty State Park.

You can have your voice heard, right here, right now! Submit this email to let the DEP know you want a full clean-up of LSP and a plan that provides active recreation for the entire community.

Liberty State Park should be fully cleaned up, with no contamination left behind next to communities of color. No standard of environmental clean-up should be used that is any different or any less than would be used in a predominately white neighborhood. Let’s get all pollution out of there, now!

In addition to a full clean-up of the Park, I would like to see a variety of active recreation done as well. This active recreation can and should take part, in place, on the area that is being proposed for clean-up. This active recreation should include ballfields, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc…the things that were promised to us over 40 years ago.

There is a long history of the government making promises to communities of color about Liberty State Park but never coming through. The Park has been contaminated for years with no trace of active recreation, even though it was promised many times. This is no longer acceptable. No more broken promises at Liberty State Park. We hope the DEP will follow through and create a plan that fully cleans up the Park and provides multiple avenues of active recreation.